Dear Visitor and/or User,
These terms of use, rules, and policies (hereinafter referred to as "Terms of Use") are set forth by DOF ROBOTİK
SANAYİ ANONİM ŞİRKETİ (hereinafter briefly referred to as "DOF"), located at "Yeşilköy Sb Mah. M Blok Sk. M Blok
No: 1 Bakırköy / ISTANBUL," under the full authorization of AMUSEME INC., to define the conditions and terms
that must be adhered to during the use of the application named WUGO.
Users (hereinafter referred to as "USER") of the WUGO application agree, declare, and undertake to comply with
these Terms of Use while using the application or benefiting from its products/services. The term "USER"
mentioned in this document encompasses both BUYER and SELLER parties. Therefore, the obligations mentioned
for USERS are also applicable to BUYER and SELLER.
By visiting the WUGO application and/or becoming a User, you acknowledge, understand in full, and irrevocably
accept and approve the below-mentioned Terms of Use without any objection, and you undertake not to raise
any objection or defense regarding these matters. If you do not accept these Terms of Use, please refrain from
using the Platform or terminate your account.
DOF reserves the right to unilaterally make changes, adjustments, and updates to these Terms of Use at any time.
Such changes, adjustments, and updates become effective immediately upon their publication on the Platform
and are deemed to be accepted by the Visitor and/or User. Visitors and/or Users of the Platform are considered
to have accepted the updated/changed/adjusted items with each new entry to the Platform.
a. BUYER: Refers to the real or legal person User who purchases goods and/or services offered for sale by the Seller
on the platform.
b. INTERMEDIARY SERVICE PROVIDER: Refers to the status of DOF, which provides an electronic commerce
environment for the user to conduct their economic and commercial activities on the portal as required by Law
No. 6563 on the Regulation of Electronic Commerce. According to Article 9 of Law No. 6563, DOF is not obliged to
check the content provided by users conducting economic and commercial activities on the Portal, or to
investigate whether there is any illegal activity or situation related to this content and the products or services in
question; thus, each user is exclusively responsible for the content of their own economic and commercial
c. WEBSITE: Refers to the domain name https://www.wugo.app/ and other internet addresses connected to it.
d. LAW: Refers to the Law No. 6502 on Consumer Protection.
e. PERSONAL DATA PROTECTION LEGISLATION: Refers to all kinds of laws in force or enacted regarding the
protection of Personal Data, primarily the Personal Data Protection Law No. 6698 ("PDPL"), international treaties
to which Turkey is a party, regulations, by-laws, circulars, and decisions by the Personal Data Protection Board.
f. PERSONAL DATA: According to Article 3/d of the Personal Data Protection Law No. 6698 (PDPL), refers to all kinds
of information related to an identified or identifiable natural person.
g. PROCESSING OF PERSONAL DATA: It is any operation performed on personal data such as obtaining, recording,
storing, retaining, modifying, reorganizing, disclosing, transferring, taking over, making available, classifying or
preventing the use of personal data by fully or partially automatic means or by non-automatic means provided
that it is part of any data recording system.
h. TERMS OF USE, RULES, AND POLICIES: Refers to all terms of use, rules, and policies determined by DOF, which
are continuously published on the Portal and include terms, procedures, and principles of use for products,
services, and content offered on the portal, as well as responsibilities, obligations, applicable rules and sanctions,
responsibilities arising from regulations, and other matters. DOF has the right and authority to make changes or
updates to these terms of use, rules, and policies if it deems necessary, due to legal obligations or other reasons.
Changes or updates come into effect at the moment they are published on the Portal. If necessary, DOF can notify
the USER of these changes or updates through electronic mail, SMS, and other consent-information methods.
i. SPECIAL CATEGORIES OF PERSONAL DATA: According to Article 6/1 of PDPL No. 6698, the data related to the
race, ethnic origin, political opinion, philosophical belief, religion, sect or other beliefs, appearance and dress,
association, foundation or union membership, health, sex life, criminal convictions, and security measures, as well
as biometric and genetic data, are considered special category personal data.
j. PLATFORM: Refers to all of DOF's software and/or internet addresses called "WUGO" that are offered through
electronic media distribution/sales platforms such as Play Store, App Store, etc., that run on technological devices
such as mobile phones, tablets and computers, and through which products, services or content offered by DOF
or third parties that DOF serves as hosting providers can be accessed. If necessary, DOF can change the current
internet site addresses of the offered products, services, and content. In the case of a change, the reported
domain name will become the service provision location.
k. SELLER: Refers to the real/legal person user who offers various goods and/or services for sale through the account
created on the platform.
l. USER: Refers to the real or legal person who has the right to use the products, services, or content offered on the
Platform within the framework of user agreements and authorizations.
m. USER AGREEMENT: Refers to this agreement and its annexes, which are approved by individuals applying to use
the Platform with a secure electronic signature, wet signature, or other electronic methods. The Terms of Use,
Rules and Policies, Personal Data Protection Policies, and Other Information and Documents published on the
Platform are an integral part of this user agreement.
n. USER ACCOUNT: This is a set of mobile applications and/or web pages that can be accessed with the username
and password determined exclusively by the User and undertaken to be used by the User in order to benefit from
the products and services available on the Platform, and where commercial, administrative, financial, and legal
transactions and follow-ups can be made in case the User is a seller. The user account also includes the pages
where the user communicates with other users with whom he/she has commercial relations on the Platform as a
seller and with DOF, and where he/she sees the comments and score data regarding his/her activities on the
o. DATA SUBJECT/RELATED PERSON: Refers to the real person whose personal data is processed.
p. HOSTING PROVIDER: DOF operates as a "Hosting Provider" within the scope of the "Law No. 5651 on the
Regulation of Publications on the Internet and Combating Crimes Committed by Means of Such Publication".
q. REGULATION: Refers to the Distance Contracts Regulation published in the Official Gazette No. 29188 dated
r. VISITOR: Refers to all real or legal persons, other than users, who access the Platform.
a. The Platform and all related applications and websites are the property of DOF ROBOTİK SANATİ ANONİM ŞİRKETİ
and are operated by it. Users acknowledge that they are subject to the specified conditions while using all services
offered on the Platform, and by benefiting from and continuing to use the service, they agree that they have the
right, authority, and legal capacity to enter into contracts according to applicable laws, are over the age of 18,
have read this agreement, understand it, and are bound by the terms written in the agreement.
b. This agreement imposes rights and obligations related to the Platform subject to the agreement on the parties,
and when they accept this agreement, they declare they will fulfill these rights and obligations completely,
correctly, on time, and within the conditions requested in this agreement.
c. USER/VISITOR irrevocably accepts that they will not reverse engineer the Platform or engage in any other process
to find or obtain its source code, and if they do, they will be responsible for any damages arising in this regard and
will be subject to legal and penal proceedings.
d. USER/VISITOR agrees not to produce, share, or display content that is contrary to general morality and manners,
illegal, infringes on the rights of third parties, misleading, offensive, obscene, pornographic, violates personality
rights, breaches copyright laws, or encourages illegal activities in their activities within the Platform, in any part
of the Platform, or in communications. If such content is found, the user is fully responsible for the resulting
damage, and Platform authorities reserve the right to suspend or terminate such accounts and initiate legal
proceedings. If judicial authorities request information about activities or USER accounts, the right to share is
e. The Platform's, USERS' relationships with each other or third parties are their own responsibility. Following the
opening of an account, USERS are entirely responsible for securing their "USER name" and "password," ensuring
that they are used exclusively and individually by them, and keeping them confidential from third parties. In case
of negligence or fault in this regard, the "USER" is responsible for any material and/or moral damages suffered or
that may be suffered by other USERS and/or DOF and/or third parties.
f. Data extraction through automatic or manual systems is strictly prohibited.
g. All registered or unregistered intellectual property rights such as titles, business names, brands, patents, logos,
designs, information, and methods on this Platform are owned by the Platform operator and owner company or
their designated owners and are protected by national and international law. Visiting this Platform or benefiting
from the services on this Platform does not grant any rights regarding these intellectual property rights.
h. The information on the Platform cannot be reproduced, published, copied, presented, and/or transmitted in any
form. The whole or part of the Platform cannot be used in another application, etc., without permission.
i. Visual and written content offered on DOF systems is for personal use. All rights to all texts, graphics, photos,
videos, animations, sounds, etc., in the DOF content are reserved. Unless otherwise stated, they cannot be used
for commercial or personal purposes without permission and without citing the source.
a. USER/VISITOR acknowledges that all information, visuals, and content on the Platform, including expert opinions,
are for general information purposes only, and DOF is not obligated to investigate the authenticity, originality,
reliability, and/or accuracy of contents and visuals uploaded by other USERS to its Platform. DOF operates as a
hosting provider under Law No. 5651 and does not guarantee the information, visuals, and content on the
Platform. USER acknowledges that if they suffer any damage due to any service content on the Platform, DOF, its
directors, and/or partners will not be liable under any circumstances and conditions and accepts this while using
the Platform.
b. USER/VISITOR also accepts and declares that if they wish to initiate any legal transaction or purchase process
regarding services viewed on the Platform, they must fulfill the necessary legal obligations and procedures, and
DOF has no knowledge, responsibility, or commitment regarding these obligations and procedures.
c. DOF may provide access to links belonging to third parties it collaborates with on the Platform, and in such cases,
DOF does not commit to any responsibility arising from the information, products, and services on the Platform
or the links they contain. Any material or moral damage arising from the use of this Platform or its contents is the
responsibility of the USER.
d. USER/VISITOR irrevocably accepts, declares, and undertakes that the price, visuals, video recordings, and all kinds
of information subject to sharing uploaded by them on the Platform for reviewing, rating, and other purposes
through various applications presented by the Platform are accurate and legal, do not create defamatory,
derogatory, commercial slander, threatening, or harassing results, and do not generate any legal inconsistency in
accordance with the current legislation. In case of any violation, DOF reserves the right to suspend or terminate
such accounts without any notice.
e. USERS/VISITORS accept and undertake that the accuracy of all kinds of content uploaded by them to the Platform,
the relevancy of the photos, not containing any misleading information about third parties and organizations, and
not infringing on any rights of third parties, including intellectual property rights. They commit to fulfilling all
claims directed at DOF by third parties due to these contents upon the first electronic or written notification.
f. DOF reserves the right to recourse against the USER/VISITOR for any compensation, administrative or judicial fines
that DOF may have to pay to third parties and/or public institutions due to any content/publication. If such a
situation arises, the USER agrees, declares, and undertakes to compensate all of DOF's damages immediately upon
g. All legal and penal responsibilities related to every transaction and action performed by the USER/VISITOR within
the Platform are their own.
h. USER/VISITOR irrevocably accepts, declares, and undertakes that they have taken all necessary precautions
(including using necessary antivirus software) to ensure that all information, content, materials, or data provided
by them to the Platform do not contain materials that could harm the Platform or any of its parts, including viruses,
spyware, malicious software, trojans. If the contrary is determined, DOF has the right to blacklist the USER,
suspend or cancel their USER account indefinitely, and the USER will immediately pay all damages incurred by
DOF in such a case and will not claim any refund from DOF.
i. DOF reserves the right to change the services and contents offered on the Platform at any time without any notice,
to close the information and contents uploaded by USERS/VISITORS to the Platform to third parties, including
USERS/VISITORS, and to delete them. The USER accepts, declares, and undertakes not to claim any rights or
receivables from DOF in the event DOF takes such a measure.
j. For USER/VISITOR to start benefiting from DOF's promotional, advertising, and marketing services, it is conditional
upon paying the fees determined by DOF and published in the relevant sections of the Platform, either from the
credit card they declare to be their own or have obtained all necessary permissions to use, or by directly paying
or transferring/electronic fund transferring to DOF. Changes in announced fees and payment conditions will
become effective from the moment of the change. DOF can set current fees for other Services on the Platform if
desired; in such cases, USERS' benefit from the relevant Services is conditional on the full and complete payment
of the fee. Fees, payment conditions, and effective dates of the fees related to the applications will be announced
in the relevant sections of the Platform. DOF may grant the right to free use of some applications through the
system. Non-payment or partial payment for a Service does not imply that the Service is free or provided at the
paid amount. In cases of non-payment or incomplete payment, DOF has the right to terminate the USER's Account.
k. USER/VISITOR irrevocably accepts, declares, and undertakes that they are solely responsible for the security and
confidentiality of their USER name and password created for benefiting from the Platform, will keep their USER
name and password confidential, will not share them with third parties, will not allow their use, will take all
necessary precautions to prevent them from being obtained, and that DOF has no responsibility for the USER
name and password. If DOF detects any violation of this article by the USER, it reserves the right to freeze or cancel
the USER's account.
l. USER/VISITOR irrevocably accepts, declares, and undertakes that they are legally and criminally responsible for
all content published on the Platform, and if the content contains elements contrary to legislation and these Terms
of Use, DOF has the right to request modification of the content and to not publish or cancel the USER account
until the necessary changes are made without any notification. Regardless of whether DOF exercises this right,
DOF reserves the right to recourse against the USER for any compensation, administrative or judicial fines that
DOF may have to pay to third parties and/or public institutions due to the published content. If DOF requests
compensation for damages, the USER will immediately compensate all of DOF's damages.
m. USER/VISITOR irrevocably accepts and declares that they have read, understood, and acknowledge that DOF
reserves the right to make changes in these Terms of Use and the mentioned Policies without any notification but
only by publishing on the Platform.
n. USER/VISITOR acknowledges that all verbal, written, visual, graphic, and other types of information and
documents accessed through DOF applications are provided in good faith, without any warranty or guarantee of
accuracy, validity, efficacy, and are for information purposes only. Products or services offered by DOF are
intended to assist USER's decision-making. Decisions made based on this information and documents are not
DOF's responsibility. USER/VISITOR cannot claim any loss of profit, missed earnings, material or moral
compensation, negative or positive damages, or any other claims due to adverse outcomes of their decisions.
a. All elements of the Platform (including interface, advertisement database, content database, design, text, image,
HTML code, and other codes, but not limited to these) are owned by or licensed under DOF, protected under
international copyright and trademark laws, among others. The resale, sharing, distribution, display, and making
available of DOF applications, information on the Platform, and DOF’s copyrighted works to third parties without
DOF's permission are prohibited.
b. Users irrevocably accept, declare, and undertake that they will not monitor and/or copy, reproduce, modify,
translate, or use the Platform or its contents, including the interface, content database, design, text, image, HTML
and other codes and software, for unauthorized purposes or without DOF's explicit written consent using any
robots, spiders, or other automatic devices, or manual processes, and will not create derivative works or publicly
display them.
c. Users/Visitors agree, declare, and undertake that they will not use any tools, software, robots, spiders, or other
automatic devices, or manual processes to interfere or attempt to interfere with the functioning of the Platform,
will not access or copy other Users' software and data without authorization, and will not use them for any
purpose. Users/Visitors irrevocably accept that DOF has no liability for damages or claims arising from these
infringements. In case of violation, DOF has the right to recourse for any compensations and/or
administrative/judicial fines it may have to pay to public institutions and/or third parties.
d. DOF has established specific limitations on the use of the Platform. These limitations pertain to the display of
products/services to Users and are intended for Visitors, solely for the purpose of non-commercial viewing of the
content on the Platform. Beyond these specified uses, DOF explicitly prohibits any other forms of utilization of the
Platform. This includes, but is not limited to, acquiring, copying, processing, using, or creating links to any content
on the Platform, especially in the manners outlined below:
Illegal, fraudulent, or commercial use of the Platform;
Use of the Platform by a Visitor or third party to create, control, update, or modify their own database, record, or
Use of the Platform in any way that disrupts, changes, or reverse engineers the entire Platform or any part of it;
Accessing the Platform in a way that imposes unreasonable or disproportionately large loads on the
communications and technical systems established by the Platform, or obstructing or disrupting these systems;
Using automatic programs, robots, web crawlers, spiders, data mining, data crawling, or similar "screen scraping"
software or systems on the Platform without DOF's prior written permission;
e. Any use of the Platform and its content outside the usage limits specified in these Terms of Use is illegal; DOF
reserves all rights to pursue any relevant demands, complaints, lawsuits, and follow-ups.
f. Individuals who engage in unauthorized use will be liable to compensate DOF and third parties for all damages
incurred, including court costs and attorney fees. All rights of DOF, including its material and intellectual property
rights, tangible and intangible assets, commercial information, know-how, and all rights related to its property,
commercial appearance, or any other material and intellectual property rights acquired through the Platform, are
g. If DOF determines that a User/Visitor is using the Platform and its infrastructure contrary to the above-mentioned
conditions and laws, it reserves the right to report to the authorities. In such a case, DOF may also take necessary
measures and has the right to cancel USER accounts.
a. As part of the Services offered through the Platform, SELLERS have the opportunity to list their events free of
charge. To do this, the SELLER must fill out the form named "Create Event" in the application, providing necessary
information about both themselves and the event. The SELLER must complete all required fields in the form for
the event to be considered for approval by the Platform. The SELLER will receive a response within 24 hours after
submitting the form for approval.
b. The verification process can result in two outcomes:
Approved: If the event meets the Platform's quality and eligibility standards, it will be approved and listed in the
application. The Platform will charge the SELLER a 10% commission fee for all sales made through the application.
This commission is calculated based on the total amount of sales generated through the Platform application. The
rate may vary if DOF implements any discounts, campaigns, etc. However, in the absence of such promotions, the
commission rate is the same for all SELLERS. The commission amount can be changed by DOF at any time without
requiring anyone's approval. The SELLER accepts these rates in advance.
Rejected: If the event does not meet the Platform’s quality and eligibility standards, the SELLER will be notified of
the event’s rejection. In this case, the event will not be listed or promoted on the Platform.
c. After the completion of the event, the Platform will transfer an amount equivalent to the total sales achieved
through the application to the SELLER's account, via a payment method determined by the Platform, 15 (fifteen)
days after deducting the following: (1) the agreed Commission Amount; (2) any amounts owed to DOF under this
Merchant Partner Agreement; (3) other deductions permitted under this Merchant Partner Agreement (including
but not limited to refunds to customers in case of event cancellation).
a. The BUYER acknowledges, declares, and undertakes that there is no right of withdrawal for contracts related to
services performed instantly in an electronic environment or intangible goods delivered instantly to the consumer,
as per Article 15, paragraph ğ, of the Distance Sales Contracts Regulation. In this context, the BUYER cannot make
changes to reservations made for events accessed through the Platform, and tickets purchased through the
Platform are non-refundable.
b. However, if the event is canceled due to reasons beyond the SELLER's choice or control, the full amount paid for
the service will be refunded to the BUYER without any deductions. The refund will be processed through the
original payment method used at the time of purchase. The visibility of the transaction on the BUYER's
card/account depends on the procedures of the bank associated with the refunded account.
c. In cases of significant changes to the event content by the SELLER, postponement of the event (date or time), or
changes in the event venue, an email will be sent to the BUYER's registered email address. If these changes mean
the BUYER can no longer attend the event, they must contact the Platform within 48 hours following the email to
initiate the refund process. Refund requests can only be made within this 48-hour window; if no response is
received from the BUYER within this period, it will be assumed that they accept the changes and still plan to attend
the event.
d. To prevent financial losses incurred by DOF due to refunds arising from complete cancellations or partial changes
beyond the SELLER's choice or control, the commission fee mentioned in section 5.b of these terms of use will be
charged to the SELLER. DOF will offset its own rights and claims against the SELLER balance, including debts arising
from refunds, and will transfer the remaining amount to the bank account notified by the SELLER. In cases where
the total commission fee debt calculated for a complete cancellation or remaining claims from partial refunds
exceed the SELLER balance, the outstanding debt will be paid to the DOF bank account specified in the written
notification within 15 business days following the notification. If the SELLER has another event within these 15
days, the debt from the previous event will be offset against the proceeds from the new event without requiring
further approval from the SELLER. If the SELLER fails to pay the debt within 15 business days, their account will be
suspended or completely deleted. The SELLER undertakes to pay any overdue payments, including the highest
interest rate applied by banks on deposits, as demanded by DOF.
e. Unless mutually and in writing agreed otherwise, the SELLER will not make refunds to BUYERS outside the
f. The SELLER agrees to notify BUYERS of any event cancellation as soon as possible and before the start of the event.
If an event is canceled by the SELLER within 24 hours before it begins, the SELLER agrees to pay DOF a penalty
equivalent to 30% of the value of the sold tickets, in addition to the refund amount. This sum will be provided to
the BUYERS as compensation for the late cancellation.
g. The SELLER agrees to inform BUYERS of any changes to the event details as soon as possible. Changes to an event
by the SELLER can only be made up to 48 hours in advance. If changes are requested within the last 48 hours, the
SELLER acknowledges that DOF reserves the right to cancel the event due to the difficulty of communicating with
BUYERS and to prevent potential reputation loss to DOF.
h. If the SELLER cancels only a part of a multi-day event, the SELLER agrees to pay DOF the monetary value
proportionate to the canceled part of the ticket's purchase price for refunding to the BUYER. For example, if the
SELLER sells a 3-day festival ticket for 1500 TL and cancels one day of the festival, the SELLER must provide DOF
with sufficient funds to refund 500 TL to the BUYERS for the canceled day.
a. Products and Devices with Health Declarations: The illegal promotion and sale of products containing health
claims or implications, such as statements suggesting they are directly or indirectly beneficial to human health,
effective against diseases or symptoms, or protective or curative, are prohibited according to the legislation
provided in the links below.
b. Cultural and Natural Assets: According to legal regulations, the sale of state honor medals, state pride medals,
state superior service medals, state war medals, state orders, republic orders, and merit orders is prohibited on
the Platform managed by DOF.
c. Firearm and Sharp Object Sales: The sale of firearms including blank guns, airguns, pump-action, cartridge firing,
real or plastic bullet firing, functional or non-functional firearms, firearm accessories (excluding those produced
for Airsoft such as carrying cases), and accessories mounted on guns (scopes, lasers, rifle and pistol lights,
bayonets, etc.), airguns firing pellets, pepper spray, electroshock devices, all types of military ammunition and
military clothing or accessories, armed forces uniforms, Airsoft-produced assault vests, explosive materials, and
all types of cutting and piercing tools (swords, daggers, butterfly knives, brass knuckles, etc.), is prohibited. Sales
of kitchen, hunting, camping knives and blades, industrial knives (like doner knives), and antique or decorative
products are only allowed if they are explicitly stated as non-cutting.
d. Flammable and Explosive Materials: The sale of explosive materials like hunting and blasting gunpowder, rifle
and pistol cartridges, celebration fireworks, firecrackers, empty or full hunting cartridges, hunting bullets, and
hunting materials is prohibited. Quantities in grams must be specified for products sold for recreational purposes
like fireworks.
e. Sale of Unstamped Products: The sale of copied (unstamped) audio, visual, written, and other documents
protected by copyright laws is prohibited.
f. Alcoholic Beverages and Tobacco Products: The sale of alcohol and tobacco products, and the public display of
their brands, is not permitted on WUGO Platform.
g. Sexual Content and Pornographic Products: The sale of materials exceeding the limits of obscenity or containing
pornographic CDs/DVDs, magazines, and erotic toys is not permitted.
h. Replica Product Sales: The sale of replica products is prohibited by law, including unauthorized use of registered
trademarks, logos, and designs protected under legal regulations.
i. Document Sales: The sale or rental of documents such as diplomas, authorization certificates, and permits issued
by authorized institutions is not permitted on WUGO Platform.
j. Traffic Devices and Plates: The sale of radar jammers, license plate covers, traffic sign changers, and related
products, personal plate sales, and APP plate sales are prohibited. Additionally, plate sales cannot display the
plates openly.
k. Funds & Shares: Sale of securities, bonds, promissory notes, or valuable papers that are current and traded on
the stock market is prohibited. Ads promoting activities like usury are also banned.
l. Organs: The sale of human organs is prohibited.
m. Pets and Legally Prohibited Animals: Paid pet sales and the sale of animals whose breeding and production are
legally banned or restricted are prohibited on the WUGO Platform.
n. Lottery Tickets and Machines: The sale of tickets for future-determined games (lottery, lotto, etc.) and the sale
of gambling machines requiring luck or chance are not permitted.
o. Agricultural Chemicals and Sprayers: The sale of sprayers, atomizers, and other products used in agricultural
spraying, as well as agricultural chemicals, is not permitted. Only handheld sprayers for garden use are allowed.
p. Personality Rights: The sale of private news, photos, images, and similar items that violate an individual's
personality rights is prohibited on the WUGO Platform. Including personal information such as phone numbers,
email addresses, and residence addresses is also forbidden.
q. Radio Products: The sale of radio devices contrary to the Regulation on Radio Devices and Systems Exempt from
Frequency Allocation is prohibited. Additionally, the sale of licensed radios is not conducted on the WUGO
Platform, and listings for radios must include a declaration from the USER stating "No License Required."
r. Event Tickets: To prevent illegal ticket sales, the sale of tickets for all types of sports competitions is prohibited
on the WUGO Platform.
s. Partnership Search: It is not permitted to post ads on the WUGO Platform managed by our company seeking
shareholders, partners, etc., for any business or firm.
t. Second-Hand Underwear Sales: The sale of used innerwear products is not allowed on the WUGO Platform
managed by our company.
u. Drug Sales: The sale of all types of prescription or over-the-counter drugs is prohibited. The sale of veterinary
medical products is also forbidden.
v. Political Content Products: The listing of all products with political content, including products with visual content
like flags, cups, rings, pictures, portraits, models, political party visuals, etc., is prohibited.
w. Pet Sales: All content in the pets category cannot be sold for a fee. Only free adoption ads are allowed in the Pets
Category. USER accounts will be suspended for findings of paid sales.
x. Installment Sales with Credit Cards: According to relevant law, installment sales on credit cards and advertising
installment sales for food, cosmetics, and office supplies are not permitted.
y. Promotional Products: The sale of gift vouchers, discount coupons, gift and promotional products given free of
charge by the respective companies, and products distributed free of charge by the Republic of Turkey for social
aid purposes is not permitted.
z. Official Uniforms & Military Materials: Except for representative children's costumes, the sale of official uniforms,
badges, and accessories of public institutions and organizations is prohibited on the WUGO Platform.
aa. Decoders and Satellite Receivers: The sale of software or add-ons that break satellite channel encryptions on the
WUGO Platform is prohibited.
bb. Other Prohibited Products
Hearing aids
Hacking software
Banned publications
Energy drinks
Food supplements, athlete supplements
Prescription eyeglasses, contact lenses
Ads for betting, video chat, pornographic, and pharmacy-related websites
Virtual currency sales
Forex transactions
Listening devices, bugs
All types of narcotic substances
Electronic cigarettes, e-hookahs
Lock picks and lock-opening tools
Fake currencies (except those marked as invalid)
Stolen products
Unregistered or IMEI-copied phones
Prohibited animal species (wild animals)
Seatbelt adapters
Grave site sales
Sales of currencies in circulation
Meteorite sales
Sales and transfers of products prohibited or restricted by contracts (game accounts, special beverage
refrigerators of brands, etc.)
a. In cases where the USER partially or wholly breaches any of the obligations set forth in the contracts signed or
approved with DOF or in these terms of use, the USER will be responsible for compensating all kinds of actual and
potential damages and losses incurred or to be incurred by DOF or other parties, including compensations to be
paid to third parties, loss of commercial reputation, profit loss related to the business, and any other kind of
material and moral damages, in full and immediately.
b. If the USER partially or wholly breaches any of the obligations set forth in the contracts signed or approved with
DOF or in these terms of use, in addition to DOF’s other rights and without prejudice to their demands, the USER
irrevocably accepts, declares, and undertakes to pay a penalty amounting to three (3) times the annual
membership fee for each violation, without the need for any further notice or warning.
c. As per Article 18/2 of the Turkish Commercial Code, the USER irrevocably acknowledges and accepts that the
amounts specified for compensation or penalty clauses in the relevant articles are not excessive or exaggerated,
and agrees not to request any reduction. In cases where a penalty clause is separately specified in this agreement,
the relevant penalty provisions will apply.
a. DOF may unilaterally and at its sole discretion change these Terms of Use at any time by announcing on the WUGO
b. The amended provisions of these Terms of Use will become effective on the date of their announcement, while
the remaining provisions will continue to be in force and produce their effects.
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